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Title: A Touch of Greek by Tina Folsom (Out of Olympus #1)

Format: ebook

Published:  March 27, 2012

Genre: Paranormal Romance, Contemporary Romance, Mythology, Erotic Romance

Sensuality Rating:  Hot!

Source: an ARC from NetGalley

Synopsis (from Goodreads)Selfish and gorgeous Greek God Triton is cast out of Olympus after seducing Zeus’ mistress and can only gain reentry if he finds a woman who loves him for his kindness and selflessness, not his beauty. When the mortal Sophia – recovering from an eye operation and virtually blind – needs a home healthcare worker, he takes on the role, hoping she will be his ticket home.

While defending Sophia from an unknown adversary, Triton’s protective instinct emerges. At the same time rival Gods do everything to doom him to failure. And even if Triton can win Sophia’s love, will he throw it away to return home, or will he lose his own heart to the only woman who truly sees him?

A Touch of Greek is the first book in the humorous and sexy paranormal romance series Out of Olympus following the romantic adventures of four Gods: Triton, Dionysus, Eros, and Hermes.


Triton, son of Poseidon, has a habit of getting into trouble. He and his three best friends, Dionysus, Eros and Hermes, are constantly pulling pranks and messing with things they shouldn’t. So when Zeus catches Triton in a very compromising position with Danae, Zeus’ latest mistress, Zeus is understandably not too happy. But being the fair King of the Gods that he is, he offers Triton an option of which punishment he’ll bestow upon the younger god. Too bad Triton was too busy reminiscing about his latest sexual exploits to bother listening… Rather than infuriate Zeus even more by admitting his lack of attention, Triton decides to trust the advice of his trusted friend Eros… and find himself cast out into the human world, stripped of all his powers and told that he will only be able to return to Olympus when he has found a mortal woman who loves him for his kindness and his selflessness – NOT his beauty and charm.

On his first day in the mortal world Triton meets Sophia, a woman with problems of her own. Her cousin is trying to steal her inheritance from her after swindling away all of his mother’s money and is now trying to get Sophia’s. On top of that, Sophia worries that she’s going crazy much like her mother did because Sophia sees things that are not there. Even when she was a child she had an encounter with a Mermaid Man named Poseidon who saved her from drowning. Sophia needs to save her sanity – and her house – and doesn’t have time for men … especially handsome ones.

Needless to say sparks fly when Triton and Sophia get together. Add in a terrible accident, a house in need of renovations and a handful of meddlesome gods and you get a very amusing and sexy story.

I really enjoyed reading this novel. It’s a lot funnier than I was expecting – I’m still giggling a little on the inside just remembering the blind children charging after Triton and Dionysus with their canes. And, unlike a lot of erotic romances I’ve read in the past, I didn’t need the sex to keep me interested. In fact, I wouldn’t have minded if there was any – I was that into the story and the plot. But the sex was well received – the perfect balance of incredibly hot and sexy but also tender and romantic. I loved the interactions between Triton and Sophia.

This is a story where the bad boy gets reformed by love and it was done in such a way that the ending felt very comfortable and right – I loved how Triton was written. He was an awful playboy Casanova at the beginning but it felt natural and right in the way that he changed himself for Sophia.

The supporting cast are very amusing – these are gods who know how to party. I’m really glad that this is a series because I’m really looking forward to reading about Dionysus and the other’s finding women who will put up with them 😛



4 out of 5

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